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HYP Global is a unique education consulting company offering a wide range of services and products. It is our vision to empower overseas institutions through collaborative partnership.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, HYP has helped a great number of foreign higher education institutions build presence and create efficient enrollment pipelines in the Asian area.

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Higher Education Marketing

As marketing representative to deliver and localize university messages, from creating Chinese brochure to active engagement in Chinese social media, HYP can help institutions build and maintain a positive image in China.

University Pathways

The customized boot camp is designed to enhance students' academic strength and overall preparation for graduate level study, it allows institutions to expand applicant pool and create efficient recruitment funnel.

Recruitment Partner

China is an agent-centric market with thousands of study abrod agencies playing vital roles in Chinese families' decision to study abroad, HYP can help reaching those agencies to drive application and enrollment.

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